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Product content:98%;

Test method"HPLC;

Chemical Name : Shikimic acid;

M. F. M. W. : C7H10O5; 174.16;

CAS NO. : 138590;

Physical properties : white fine power, light odor, pungent taste. Melting point: :191~192C. Its solubility in water is 18g/100ml. Basically, shikimic acid is insoluble in chloroform, benzene, and benzine.

Botanical source : This product is the dried ripe fruit of Illicium verum Hook. f.

Specification: Shikimic acid >98%, HPLC , complied with Internal standard .

Functions and Applications :
Shikimic acid is a kind of monomer compound distilled from the ripe fruit of aniseed, a kind of Chinese herb. It has the function of anti- inflammation and abirritation. It is the intermediate of anti-cancer drugs.
It can obviously prevent thrombosis. It can restrain the formation of artery, vein, and cerebral thrombus. It is also the precursor of drug Tamiflu, which can inhibit bird flu to some extent.
Shikimic acid is the only weapon in the world that defies bird flu. Shikimic acid is the important component of Tamiflu, which can effectively beat bird flu virus N5N1.