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1, Improve blood circulation as well as metabolism
2, Adjust and improve the stomach system as well as the respiratory tract system
3, Eliminates bad material inside the body and prevents disease
4, Beautify and slim the body, eliminates the smelly body
5, release feeble cranial nerve , and improve loses sleep
6, Eliminates tiredness , restores happy spirit
7, High adjust autonomic nerve function
8, Enhances the urinary system, and the immunity of endocrine system
9, Release heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, menorrhalgia, rheumatism diseases and so on
10, Special effectively enlarge chest

Size: :230*104*90CM,170*60*140CM, 170*70*15CM

Guarantee time: one year, we will help repair the machine within one year after purchasing day, if the machine is broken by itself. We will charge for some spare parts fee after one year.
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