Sell Shock Absorber

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OD: 4-3/4 (121mm) ~ 11 (279mm)
ID: 1-1/2 (38mm) ~ 2-13/16 (71)
Tool joint type: API connection, such as NC35, NC46, NC50, 6-5/8REG, 7-5/8REG, 8-5/8REG.
Max. Tensile Load Lbf(N) : 220,320 (980,000) ~ 674,460 (3,000,000)
Max. Pressure Lbf(N) : 67,440 (300,000) ~ 121,400 540,000)
Max. Working Torque Lbf-ft(N-m) : 7,370(10,000) ~21,680(29,400)
Max. Stroke in mm: 4 (100) ~4-3/4(120)
Ambient Temp. (0) : -400 ~ +1500
Overall Length: 1310 (4,208mm) ~184(5,580mm)

Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Hydraulic Shock Absorber Type YJ should be connected with the drilling string close to the bit. It can absorb or reduce axial vibration and thrust load of the drilling string, and have a good result for prolonging the service life of the bit and protecting the drilling tools as well as surface equipment.

Mechanical-Hydraulic Shocker Absorber

Mechanical-Hydraulic Shocker Absorber Type DHJ is a new type double-acting shock absorber. It absorbs the pulsation and shock from drill tools by compressing spring and silicon oil to store the energy. This shock absorber has advantages of good maintainability, bearing high load and long service life.

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