Sell Shoe cover dispenser

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Step in, press down and a shoe cover instantly snaps on your shoe. No need to bend down or sit down. Easy to use. 100% hands-free.

High capacity holding 100 pieces of shoe covers (50 pairs) and high quality aluminum construction.

Where can it be used?
Real Estate Model Homes and Open Houses: Hundreds of visitors may walk over the brand new carpets and floors a day. Reduce the expensive cleaning and depreciation costs.

General Contractors: Keep the newly installed carpet or floors clean.

Homes: Protecting your carpet and floors from the muddy feet of plumbers, repairmen or contractors.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities: Quick way to put on shoe cover without your hand touching the shoes or any other non-sterile objects.

Food Processing Plants, Manufacturing Facilities and Science Labs: Quick and easy way to put on shoe covers, saves time and money.

Special Shoe Covers Available: Anti-Skid, Fluid Repellent