Sell Shoes Polisher Machine For Family

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Shoes polisher machine
Shoe polish machine
Superior capacity:2-20pictures can be stored in the macthine which is20 times bigger of capacity common advertising machines.
Flexible operation: Start, stay and positioning time of pictures can be set discretionarily. Overdue picture can be deleted at any time.
Stability: Far infrared technology is adopted for this machine and enabled the super-strong anti-jamming capability of it.
Sefety: The equipmenthas multi-protective functions for overtemperature, overtime, overrun, electric leakage and so on to exert protections in time.
Enjoyable: The machine is made with pleasing shape. Musical or voice devices can be mounted in it.
Special: The machine is different from those simple and boring common advertisement carriers. It can convey a dramatic all-roundintroduction to the customers of enterprise image and products.
Multi-functional: With the integration of shoe-cleaning machine and advertisement carrier, the machine introduces enterprise image while supplying service.
Widely sued in:
Commercial centers, supermarkets, banks, hotels, restaurant, airports, subway stations, elevator entrances, exhibition halls and mobile exhibiting places.