Sell Short Wave Hypertherm System

Short Wave Hypertherm System
Scope of application:
Applicable to prostatitis, adnexitis, pelvic inflammation and hyperplasia of prostate.

First apply the design of semiconductor high-power water cooling, better human and machine match, this can not only strengthen utility depth of penetration, raise curative effect, but also avoid scorching hot by traditional heat treatment unit.
Make the treatment for patient into enjoyment.
The equipment software has function of simulating temperature, and to display the treating temperature on pars affecta at real time, this make the treatment more accurate and effective.
It is the first to apply new power generating devices to ensure the spare parts are adequate and greatly reduce the clients?costs.
Especially add the technology of slow-start on power supply, thoroughly retrieve the switching off problem which caused by not enough switching in hospital.
The treatment couch is more firm, run of bed more balance, super mute, it displays the quality of luxurious and remarkable, this promote the grade of treating couch, and make the treatment into enjoyment.
The luxurious features design makes up the smooth human engineering aesthetics design and singular properties of product into one.
Special electromagnetism compatible design, thoroughly solve the mutual interference problem with other medical equipment.
Inlay electricity net voltage purify and stable system to confirm the output more stable.
The electrodes have protector, and gain national practical neotype patent, this can prevent part scald during treatment.
In correspondence to general used radio frequency and microwave, short wave is the most suitable method for the dia-heat of human body tissue, and more effective for treatment.
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CRS 2280E
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