Sell Shot Blast Cleaning Machine (Q37)

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The Q37 series lift hook type throws the pill cleaning up achines mainly o use in the steel structure, the casting, the aluminum alloyand other components superficial cleaning up and the strengthening, widely applies to profession and so on casting, forging and stamping, machinery, steel and iron. Q378E cleaning up machines and tools pit, are the structure whether there is compact, the productivity higher merit.

Biggest external dimensions (mm) : 5047x3850x5156
Single hook weight (kg) : 1000
Throws the pill quantity: (kg/min) 2x250
Separator discrete quantity (T/h) : 30
Elevator Lifhting power (T/h) : 30
Cleaning up workpiece length (mm) : 800x1500
The projectile loads the quantity (kg) : 700
Projectile diameter (mm) : 1-2
Total output (kw) : 39.65
Machine gross weight (kg) : 7900