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We supply shot blasting machines from China.

Overhead rail double-hook shot blasting machine is specially suitable for the treatment of sensitive parts which cannot be tumbled in bulk loads, and suitable for particularly complex, heavy, or large metal castings or forging parts. The parts are mounted on a hook and transported into the blasting chamber. The rotating movement of the hook ensures that the blasting media, accelerated by the multiple blast wheels, reache every component, providing the best possible uniform blasting result.

Multi Highly efficient blast wheels fixed on the machine housing make it possible to treat the components on all sides.

1) Processable maximum component
Diameter: 1200mm
Height: 2000mm
2) Hook:
Quantity: 2.0
Load capacity: 2 x 1000kg
Rotation speed: 1.6r/min
Rotation motor Power: 0.37kw
Moving speed: 20m/min
Motor power: 2 x (1.5+0.2) kw
Lift speed: 8 m/min
3) Blasting Wheel
Quantity: 3.0
Power: 3 x 11kw
Capacity: 3 x 220kg/min
4) Elevator
Capacity: 30t/h
Power: 2.8kw
Speed: 1.23m/min
5) Separator
Capacity: 30 t/h
Air flow: 4-5m/s
6) Spiral conveyor
Capacity: 30 t/h
Power: 2.2KW
7) Cleaning speed ( per hook)
Casting: 4-8 min
Forge parts, welding parts: 3-5min
8) Abrasive
Size: Dia. 0.8 ~ 1.2mm
First loading: 900-1000kg
9) Ventilation:
Total Ventilation: 6000 m3 /h
Cleaning room: 3000 m3 /h
Separator: 2000 m3 /h
Elevator: 1000 m3 /h
10) Total Power: 38.77kw approx.
11) Dimension: 1980(L) x1780(w) x6300(H) mm

Tumble belt Shot Blasting Machine is for batches cleaning efficiently and economically of components of different materials from small, delicate plastic parts to large, forged components, can be finished to the highest standard

Product Specification/Models
Model: Q3206
1 Drum diameter 600mm
2 Drmt width 840mm
3 Charge volume 100L
4 Max charge weight 180kg
5 Max single part weight 15kg
6 Production capacity 0.6-1.2T/h
7 Belt conveyor 1.5kw
8 Blast wheel 7.5kw
9 Elevator 1.5kw
10 Exhauster 2.2kw
11 Abrasive shot dia. 0.3-1.6mm
12 Initial Abrasive Charge 150-175kg
13 Abrasive consumption 1.0-1.5kg/h
14 Power consumption 12.7kw
15 Dimension 1500*2500*3500mm
16 weight 2400kg