Sell Shower Cabin

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Shower cabin are composed by glass door , back board and basin tub , top .
1. Glass door main made up glass and aluminium material . The color of glasses is clear, grey, blue, and pattern . The color of the aluminum is white and bright silver finish .
2. Back board . Back board main divide into three type
1) glass together with decorate board.
2) Whole back board are ABS board.
3) glass , ABS board together with decorate board . and the colour of glass is black . there are shelf , computer panel control , body automatic massage , shower tap , etc on back board .
2. Basin tub . Basin tub are made up ABS board, glass fiber and resin . Top . The material of top is ABS board, there are top shower , top light , and ventilator on top .

1) Luxurious top shower
2) Circular dome light
3) Luxurious shelf
4) Computer controlled panel
5) Body acupuncture massage
6) Ventilation fan
7) Hi-fi system
8) Flexibel handle shower tap
9) Mirror
10) Hot and cold water fauce
11) Automatic drainage (Kick)
Inner packing: styrofoam
Outer packing: carton
Various packing options available upon request