Sell Shower Enclosure

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1. The shower enclosure is composed by tempered glass, aluminum, acrylic tray and accessories .
2. There are two package for one shower enclosure. One is for the tray, and the other is for the glasses , aluminum and accessories .
3. The thickness of glasses for the pulling door is 8mm and for the sliding door is 5mm. (we could also provide the glass according with customers' request) The color of glasses is clear, grey, blue, and pattern . The color of the aluminum is white and bright silver finish .
4. The tray of the shower enclosure is composed by acrylic, fiberglass and gum . The color of the acrylic is white.

1) Aluminum material (satin silver finish, bright silver finish)
2) toughened glass is 6mm (transparency, pattern, rough, ripple)
3) acrylic tray
4) Size : 900*900*1,950/mm

Inner packing: styrofoam
Outer packing: carton