Sell Shower Filter(SF-2-A)

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1. Remove dissociated chlorine, dichloromethane, bacteria, rust, impurity, sulfureted hydrogen, etc.
2. Reduce remnant pesticide contents and other matters that may cause cancer; reduce water hardness.
3. Long time using this kind of shower filter may restrain dander, make hair grow well and look submissive, so make hair difficult to lose.
4. It also can make skin clean, healthy, soft and full of luster; prevent whelk, condyloma and muscle becoming flabby and old.
5. KDF: It is the alloy of high-pure copper and zinc, which filters water via REDOX. It can remove U, Lead, Hg, Nl and chrome and other metal particles to prevent gym, dirty, seaweed and prolong the usage life.
GAC: Carbon of high quality, it can absorb the polluting material adhesive to the water
1. Use the antirust material
2. Easy to install, It is convenient and secure.
3. The exterior is elegant and splendid