Sell Shower Filter(SF-2-B)

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1. Dissociate chlorine, chloroform through electrochemistry. Remove tetrachloride, cadmium and sulfide in the shower water.
2. Reduce remaining agriculture chemical and the carcinogen in the water.
3. Reduce the water hardness and scale to assure the purity of shower water
4. It can prevent dandruff, so the hair quality is gentle and agreeable. It makes the hair difficult to lose. It is healthy for the skin. Use the filtrated water can prevent flaccid muscles and tiredness. It can prevent skin disease such as youth small pox, eczema.
5. KDF: It is the alloy of high-pure copper and zinc, which filters water via REDOX. It can remove U, Lead, Hg, Nl and chrome and other metal particles to prevent gym, dirty, seaweed and prolong the usage life.
GAC: Carbon of high quality, it can absorb the polluting material adhesive to the water
1. Has two cartridges, which are changeable, and the filter can be replaced
2. Use the antirust material
3. Easy to install, It is convenient and secure.
4. The exterior is elegant and splendid