Sell Shower Filter Set Y1 - Remove Chlorine From Water

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-It`s light, small, convenient to carry and easy to install.
-It is easy and fast to install the machine. You don`t need to use special tool and put in plumbing.
-The Transparent housing design makes it easy to detect when you need to replace the filters.
-Please replaces the cartridge every 30~60 Days for keeping water in good qulity.
-Service Life: It depends of Day-Using water quality and Family members.

Operating Specification:
-Input Pressure Minimum:5psi
-Maximum Flow Rate: It depends on what kinds of filters you use.

Infrared Stone:
To make molecules become much smaller and consist of much of oxygent to be easily absorbed by the cell in the body.

To eliminate chlorine and heavy metal in the water.

To eliminate chlorine in the water.

Active Carbon:
To eliminate chlorine, odor, dirt, suspended substance and chemical matter.