Sell Shower Room

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Product Description
1) material: ABS board, toughened glass(5mm) , aluminum alloy
2) everything inside is water-proof
3) the shower room is close, won't water leakage
4) the functiones are: Top shower, sliding handle shower, ceiling
Lamp, back massage, foot massage, ozone, alarm, temperature setting, LCD display, ventilator, loudspeaker, radio(frequencydisplay) , off/on button, phone call/receiver, remote, cladding glass, steam
5) We install plastic belt (water proof) around the shower room to prevent from the water leakage, no silicon used for seal.
6) Faucets, bath accessories are copper material.
Our Products for shower room:
MD-5001, MD-6002, MD-6003, MD-6004, MD-6005, MD-8002A, MD-8002B, MD-9001A, MD-8001B, MD-01, etc.