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Taking a Shower Shouldn't Be a Health Hazard

When you shower you drench the largest organ in your body  your skin, which naturally absorbs water  with whatever contaminants are in your treated municipal water supply. Plus, many of these contaminants  especially chlorine  are present in the steam you breathe when you take a shower and which spreads throughout your home.

Whats the point of taking a shower if it leaves you coated with contaminants and breathing chlorine vapor?
The Symmetry WES-40 Shower Enhancement System is the easiest way ever to make your shower a cleaner, healthier, more enjoyable experience!

A uniquely-designed two-stage filtration system effectively reduces common contaminants  including pesticides, herbicides, MTBE and chlorine  from your shower water
Reduces steam-borne chlorine, so you and your family won't breathe it in
Enhances pH, to reduce skin irritation and drying
Reduces water usage up to 40% to help conserve water  and pays for itself in the long run!
Easy to install and use
Gives you cleaner, softer, healthier skin and hair
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WES 40