Sell ShreeJal : COCONUT WATER Redefined Concentrate Powder.

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ShreeJal : COCONUT WATER Redefined Concentrate Powder, a Unique and Revolutionary product, with the taste and many benefits of Coconut Water, is manufactured by us in India. It is available in sachets of 10 gram which when added to 200 ml of water, makes the drink. It is certified by the Health Department and safe to use. It does not contain preservatives, colors, additives, fruits or fruit pulps. Shelf life 3 years. It is a health drink suitable for all seasons.

One can try this and find him / her self:
1. If you are feeling tired or exhausted, drink one glass of ShreeJal, and feel refreshed.
2. Getting sensation of vomiting, drink one glass of ShreeJal at in interval of every two hours, and feel the sensation stop. For children spoon may be used.
3. If Low blood pressure, drink one or two glasses of ShreeJal, and feel relaxed.
4. Burnt victims may given one glass of ShreeJal every one hour, and feel the heat reducing.
5. Drink one glass of ShreeJal before meals and lose weight.
6. Drink one glass of ShreeJal after meals and gain weight.
7. Drink one glass of ShreeJal to get relief from urinary tract irritation due to heat.
8. Coconut water helps maintain and promote health.

There are many other benefits.
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White Powder
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20 to 30 days
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One Container
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