Sell Shrimp

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Prawns (Shrimps) : This is an Indian company that produces and exports this product in several sizes and packs upon your request.
Fishes from India: There are several types of fishes that we can supply from India, from the same company than shrimps.
Salmon: I am representing several companies that produce salmon in various presentations such as FRESH SALMON, FRESH FROZEN SALMON, CUTTED SMOKED SALMON presented in several packs, etc. Some of these companies are already exporting their products to markets such as Japan, USA. , Europe and Middle East.
Caviar and fine Delicatessen Products: This company can offer several types of caviar and fine delicatessen products like Beluga Royal Caviar, Caviar Oscietre Royal Prestige, etc. and Smoked fishes Iberico Hams, etc.