Sell Shrink Tunnel

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SF-4525 series is extensively used for the shrink film packaging of foodstuff, beverages, cosmetics, hardware, plastic products, books, toys, audiovisual products, electronic components, pharmaceuticals and so on. (can single used or used in conjunction with L Bar Sealer) , which can meet the great demands output. Suitable to various shrink films including PVC, PP and POF.

Technical Features:

1. Imported MITSUBISHI power switch ensure the quality.
2. Adopt electronic speed regulator, the convey speed is adjustable to ensure reliable and good shrink packaging.
3. Adopt double layer insulating boards, which will not make ambient environment too hot.
4. Stainless steel heating tubes with inner circuiting hot winds in two directions, where the quality of heat is uniform and invariable.
5. Taiwan ANV temperature controller to control the temperature of the tunnel.
6. Imported high temperature resistance insulating heat fiber is used to reduce the heat loss.
7. Steel conveying rollers coated with silica gel covering, which can bear heavy objects and high temperature resistance.
8. Equipped with foot screw to adjust the height of the machine and facilitate to link other equipment.
9. With wheels, free and easy movement.