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TP1650SB Simple

TP1650F is one of the most ecnomical wrappers in our warehouse, and it also only suit for some heavy loads, which could stay steadily when turntable moves!
Not only there is no motor aiding the filmout, but also no PLC, inverter, and any other costly electrical component! Therefore, its price is much much lower than other wrappers, so that would be a great idea if you just need a wrapper to wrap a few loads!

Specifications and Pricing

Max loading size 1200x1200mm 48x48
Max loading height TP1650SB-L 2000mm78
TP1650SB-H 2400mm/95
Packing efficiency No idea
Turntable speed 0-12rpm
Turntable diameter 1650mm 65
Turntable Height 85mm
Turntable weight capacity 2000kg
Machine weight 600kg
Power supply 380V 50/60HZ 1Phase (standard)
110V 50/60HZ 1Phase optional
Material LLDPE - Stretch Film
Film Thickness 17-35 5
Film Width 500 mm
Core Diameter 76.2 mm
Maximum Film. Diameter 260 mm
Max. weight of film roll 15 kg

*Power coating, nice look, anti graffiti
*1650mm Diameter Structural steel plate
*85mm Height (floor to top of turntable)
*8mm steel plate thickness