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The book is first of its kind pioneering the concept of synergy of psychology and India Classical Dance. Gorgeous costumes, graceful movements and melodious rhythmic music are the well know effects of Indian Classical Dances. This book highlights the stress relieving prowess of these dances with their powerful tranquilizing music and typically chorographed steps of soft, gracious movement, which psychologically alleviated the 'Strss' not only for the performers termed as 'Stress Relieving Dance(SRD) .

The Copntents of the book have been designed to serve readers with multiple disciplinary interest e. g. from psychology or hyman resources managment or psychiatry or medicine or dance or dance therapy. However it emphasized that no prior advance expertise is needed for any reader to grasp the concepts described in this book. It would serve as a popular reading for many who might be simply interested in topics like Stress Management or dance, without their in depth knowledge or technicalities. To help researchers continue more researches in the field of 'Stess Relieving Dance-(SRD) '. The book is appended with Stress-Questionnaire and statistical z-table in the end. Author is keen to promote further university level researches in the field.

CONTENTS OF THE BOOK: Stress(What is stress to c common man?, Various definitions of Stress and Strain, Necessity of Stress Relief) Stressor (Causes of Stress, Internal factors, External Factors, The environment Stress, Unpredictable event, Counselling(What is counselling, Pre. iminary Counselling can close the door of Stressful Life) Resistance and Stress(What is reistance, Degree of resistance"High and Low level") Low resistance subject's stress Managment(Prelininary phase, Final Phase) Stress Managment or Stress Reduction(Coping Strategies) Relaxation Technique of mind only(Meditation, Creative Visualization or Imagery in Sress Reduction, Listening to Music, Relaxation Technique of Mind body and Soul (Birth of Indian Classical Dance, Natraja, King of Dance, Footprints of Indian Classical Dance, Significant features of Indian Classical Dance, Basic techniques of three styles, Vocalist and instrument used in these styles, Basic element of Indian Classical Dance) Psychological significance of dance, Wholesomeview of Dance, Significantfeatures of dance and its therapeutic values. Dance foirm and personality. ACTIVE AND PASSIVE APPROACH-DANCE(Dancer Watching "Indian Classical Dance" as spectators, Stress Relief Dance(SRD) , Case Study(Children, Teenagers, Youths, Psychololgical Remarks) , Useful Information for Stress Managment(Hormones, Well controlled Diet, otherapproaches to relieve stress or pressure BIBLIOGRAPHY, Appendix "Self" Personality Analysis(Before Dance Training, After Dance Training ) Z-Table.
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