Sell Shut-off valve system

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Shut-off valve system is mainly used to adjust gas pressure into regulated pressure scope on each floor of hospital or on the gas entrance port of the operation room, mean while it may open or shut off gas pipes to repair or maintain gas equipment.
The shut-off valve system has two functions: To reduce gas pressure and to shut off gas pipes. To reduce gas pressure is to control gas pressure within certain pressure scope, for instance to control the Ward O2 pressure to be within 0.3-0.5Mpa, or to control High-pressure O2 Cabins O2 pressure within 0.6-0.8 Mpa (Usually the pressure of manifold or O2 generator is 0.8-1.0Mpa. ) .
O2/CA/N2O usually need shut-off valve system while vacuum station and AGSS do not need this device.
Shut-off valves are linear ball valves. Usually the valves are installed in front of the pressure reducer and connected in series with pressure reducer and gas pipe. A branch gas pipe shall be added onto the main gas pipe to avoid gas supply failure in case any breakdown occurs in shut off valves or pressure reducer.
In China, most of the gas pressure alarm switches are electron pressure meters. Electron pressure meters are also installed into secondary pressure reduce valve system and connected with gas alarm system by 3-core electric wire. Gas alarm system are usually installed in nurse station while secondary pressure reduce valve system is usually installed in each floor of hospital.
Secondary pressure reduce valve system can be designed into 1 to 7 medical gas modules.
Secondary pressure reduce valves box made up of stainless steel and being nicely painted, the front window of the box made by transparent glasses which can be broken for emergency situation.