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SIBERIAN CEDAR PINE NUT OIL is a product derived from the Cedar Pine Nut kernels by the traditional Russian method - cold pressing. Famous Cedars of Siberian region are the wealth of our planet. Exactly from this ecologically pure place you are receiving this vitalizing oil.
SIBERIAN CEDAR PINE NUT OIL was widely used in Siberia as a food product. It was also used for treatment of colds, frost bites, burns, stomach and intestines problems, kidneys problems and nervous breaks. The Oil helped people to maintain its famous Siberian health and was widely exported abroad.
Recent research published in the nutrition literature has shown that SIBERIAN CEDAR PINE NUT OIL has high contents of Vitamin F, and the contents of natural and easily absorbed vitamin E, which is vitally important for our bodies, 400% more than in almond oil, 500% more than in olive oil and 300% more than coconut oil. It also contains vitamins of group B and group of unsaturated acids, which are very essential for our body. All this makes SIBERIAN CEDAR PINE NUT OIL especially valuable as a food supplement in our everyday life.
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The Ringing Cedars of Russia
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