Sell Side-blow Hot Air Curtain (SHAC) Products

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Operating Principles
Equipped with centrifugal or axial-flow fans, the RM series of SHAC products use hat water or steam as heating media to heat the air from the static pressure cabinets in the heaters to form a curtain of hot air vented from the outlet gap.
Features of Axial-flow SHAC products
1, The fans and the impeller wheels are connected without additional supporting bearings.
2, Power-saving design: With available hot water or steam as heating media, consumption of electric power of Axial-flow SHAC is greatly reduced, which explains the 70% of energy saved relative to that of centrifugal fans.
3, Low working noise: The working noise of axial-flow fans is 10 dB than that of centrifugal fans.
Features of Centrifugal SHAC products:
1. Uniform wind flow rate;
2. Low mount height;
3. Space-saving, easy to be mounted, designed for easy maintenance and repair.