Sell Siemens & Stamford AVR

Siemens & Stamford AVR You May Also Be Interested In: automatic voltage regulator avr marine generators siemens stamford avr
*AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for SIEMENS generators (1FC4, 1FC5 series&1FC6 series that made by WEMP China or HYUNDAI Korea) .
Type 6GA2 490-0A( For 1FC5 series) ;
Type 6GA2 491-1A( For 1FC6 series) ;
Type 6GA2 492-1A( For 1FC6 series) ;
And we provide All kinds of parts for SIEMENS marine generators (1FC5series&1FC6 series) .

We also offer other types AVR for stamford, marthon, leroysomer generator.

Cusotmer who are interesing with any of them, please feel free to contact with us or load on our website for details.

Any requiry is welcome.
Model Number
6GA2 490-0A
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