Sell Siemens MC35I/MC39I GSM communication module

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Siemens MC35I/MC39I GSM communication module

Technology feature:
1. Support dual-frequency, EGSM900 and GSM1800, support digit, voice, short message and fax
2. low power: Current dormant for 3mA support three languages coding transfer rate
3. Hands-free system, certification of standard agreement, adopt GSM Phase2/2+ standard

Transmit information content: the voice and data
Power supply: single power 3.3 V - 5.5 V
GSM900MHz and DCS1800 band: the dual-frequency MHz (Phase 2 +)
Power: 2W GSM900MHz (4) DCS1800MHz scale-up 1W (1) scale-up
SIM card connection mode: external
Antenna: the antenna connector external antenna

Temperature range: working temperature: - 20'C + + 55'C to storage temperature: - 30'C + + to 85'C
The working current loss: call 300mA mode (typical values) idle mode: 3.5 mA (maximum 100 mu A pattern: (maximum)
Speech decoding standard: three rates: half speed (ETS 06.20) , full speed (ETS 06.10) , and enhanced at (ETS06.50/06.60/06.80)
Short message: MT, MO, CB, and PDU mode
Size: 54.5 x 36 x 6.7mm

Audio interface: analog signals (the microphone, earphones, handset-free handle)
The communication interface: RS232 (instructions and data transmission) two-way
SIM card operating voltage: 3V / 1.8 V
Telephone directory function: stored in the SIM card
Module reset: use AT command or power lost reset

Serial communication baud rate: 300bps. . . 115kbps
Automatic baud rate scope: 4.8 KBPS. . . 115kbps
Download software functions (improved service and maintenance) : through RS232 or SIM interface
Can realize real-time clock: 32.768 clock frequency (KHz)
The timer function: available AT command programming