Sell Silane Coupling Agent KH-792

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1. The corresponding foreign trademark
A-1120 (UCC, America) , Z-6020 (Dow Corring, America) , KBM-603 (Japan) ;GF-91 (Germany)

2. Chemical designation
N-(beta-aminoethyl) -(gamma-aminopropyl) -trimethoxy silane

3. Chemical structural formula

4. Property
This product is a transparent liquid, which is colorless or light yellow. It can dissolve in organic solvent, which cannot dissolve in water, but can react with water. Boiling point at 760mmHg:2590, Apparent Specific Gravity 25/250,1.030, Refractive Index/250,1.4480, Flash point,1380.

5. The use of the product
This product can improve adhere and various mechanical strength of mixed material (dried or wetted) , especially to wetted electric properties. This product improves mainly properties of epoxy and phenolic, trimericcyanamide, furan resin. It has effect on polyester and polypropylene, polyethylene, organic silicon, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride. This product is glass fiber lubrucant. It is extensively adapt to pearls of glass, carbon white, tale mica, pottery clay, clay, etc.
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