Sell Silica Aerogel  Flexible Thermal Insulation Felts (Blanket)

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This series of products are made by special technics, in which nano-silica aerogels is adopted as leading material. It possesses properties of low thermal conductivity, low density, high flexility, environment friendly, waterproof, sound insulation and shock absorption, etc. , so it can replace traditional unwholesome flexible insulation materials with low insulation property, such as PU, asbestos insulation felt, silicate fibers, and so on.

Main Characteristic Properties:
1. Low thermal conductivity, good insulation property;
2. Flexible, un-infiltrated, against cracking, waterproof;
3. Environment friendly, no toxicity, non-corrosive;
4. Good properties of sound insulation and shock absorption;
5. Save material dosage, increase application volume;
6. More deft, convenient for constructing.

Application Field:
Thermal insulation for central air conditioning pipe, petroleum pipe, refrigerator interlayer, cold storage, car etc. .
Steam pipe, petroleum storage tanks, car and chemical pipes with fireproof requirement.
Applications in military industry, aeronautics and astronautics, metallurgy and electric power, which have high requirements on thermal insulation and service temperature.