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Tthe existing form: Amorphous thin powder
The typical color: Gray white in nature, the color is become darker with the density accretion)
The BET Fineness: 15-27 m2/g
The bulk density: 150-700 kg/m3
The activity target: 85%-125%
The moisture: 1-3%
The main chemical properties of microsilica are SiO2, its content is about 85-95%, its main elements include Fe2O3, Al2O3, CaO, K2O, Na2O, MgO, C and so on.
Because of the goods physical and chemical character of Microsilica, many developed countries like USA, Japan, European countries, and so on, started to study and apply Microsilica in high-powered Concrete, super strength cement, fir-resistant material fields in last century, and then bring the Microsilica quality standard used in different fields into effect. Right now the world production Of Microsilica is about 5-6 million tons, which is mainly used in building material and construction Industry ( super strength concrete and cement) . As the outgrowth of ferrosilicon ally and silicon Metal, Microsilica resource is limited, demand exceeds the supply in international market. The time Of home Microsilica appliance is not long, but increase rapidly. Right now annually production is about 1-1. 2 million tons, mainly be used in concrete and cement in order to improve their capability. It can be used in confecting special type concrete, building dams, great reservoir, power station, Seaport dock, airfield, tunnel, super high building and so on. At the same time, it can be used in Producing fire resistant material and ceramic in order to improve the density and wear of production. It can be used in oil paint, dope, colophony, rubber in order to improve their integrate capacity.
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