Sell Silica Gel USP

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Silica gel powder(USP) Grade, Narrow Pore silica gel, Pet litter silica gel, B type silica gel (Desiccant in higher humidity, Blue self-indicating silica gel, Yellow self-indicating silica gel( Environments friendly desiccant) , Golden self-indicating silica gel ( Environments friendly desiccant) , Non-Breakdown Silica gel, FNG type (Air drying in the air separating process) , Silica gel Desiccant for packaging (Sachet of silica gel) , Column Chromatography Silica gel (Separation, purification of mixtures) , Micro porous silica gel (Dehydrate and purification of heavy metal) , Fragrant Silica gel, Variable-pressure Adsorption Silica gel, Drying flower silica gel, Alumina silica gel.
Available Colors
white,blue, yellow
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