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Silica Gel Plate is made from fine quality thin layer chromatography silica gel blended with proper adhesive and applied on the glass plates. Silica gel has specified pore volume, specific surface area and pore distribution. Silica Gel Plate looks pure white, level up and tidiness. Silica Gel Plate can be dissolved in hydrofluoric acid and strong caustic alkali solution, not dissolved in water and any other solvent.
Membrane Solutions offers Silica Gel G plate, Silica Gel H plate, Silica Gel GF plate and Silica Gel HF plate. For Preparative TLC Plate we have Silica Gel G plate, Silica Gel H plate, Silica Gel GF plate, Silica Gel HF plate and Silica Gel Preparative TLC Plates. We can manufacture special products according to customer requirements.
 Firmly adherent layer
 Good separation effect and high theoretical plate quantity
 Small spot sample point is convenient for analysis
 Short separating time, high sensitivity, clear fleck and no diffusion
 Complete specs
 Scored for easy snapping into smaller plates
 Lowest price available
Silica Gel Plate is widely used in the analysis and separation of various natural and synthetic matters, and also in qualitative and quantitative analysis of main composition or micro-impurity of medicine, pesticides, Chinese herbal medicines, organic chemical products, petrochemical products, grain and foods as well as in purification equipment of certain substances.
For Preparative TLC Plate, it can separate and purify trifle mixture substituting for column chromatography silica gel.
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