Sell Silicon Nitride Powder

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Power for silicon nitride (Si3N4) is light, hard, and has low thermal expansion coefficient. It has high mechanical strength, fracture toughness, and it is resistant to deformation at room temperature as well as at elevated temperature.

Si3N4 differs from other ceramics because it doesn't melt, but, between 1800 and 1900 0C, it decomposes and sublimates into Si and N. However, stabilized forms can be made.
Engine parts: valves, pistons, etc. Gas turbines
Diesel engines
Cutting tools
High strength over a wide temperature range
High fracture toughness
High hardness
Outstanding wear resistance, both impingement and frictional modes
Good chemical resistance
Papermaking machine foils
Wear parts

Physical performance
Grain-size distribution
Relative surface product
Silt shape
Above is through and latter synthesizes to the nitridationvariable, like Smashing, classification and other processing which the powder the controlled process determined. The B. E. T standard nitridedsilicon fine powder relative surface accumulates in 6m2/g and in the12m2/g level.