Sell Silicon Pressure Sensitive Sensor Dies/Wafers

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The HB2103 Silicon Pressure Sensitive Sensor Chips/Wafers are the cores of silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor which designed with CAD, microelectronic and MEMS technology. The Dies uses the closed, half-open and full-open Wheatstone bridge circuit, PN junction electrical isolation structure , glass isolation substrate, rectangle and circular elasticity diaphragm structure. The product is applied to measuring gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure and negative pressure. Suitable for low, medium and high pressure range.


Variety is complete, a wide operating range of volume.

Micron structure, standardization of products, economy for large scale manufacture.

Reliable performance, high stability.

Constant current excitation, sensitivity temperature self-compensated function.

These Silicon Pressure Sensitive Sensor Dies/Wafers are subjected to severe tests and calibration procedures. The products are manufactured and tested according to ISO 9001:2000.

Gage Pressure
20Kpa,35kPa,100Kpa,250Kpa, 600KPa,1MPa,1.6MPa,2.5MPa

Absolute Pressure
100KPa, 250KPa, 600KPa, 1MPa,
1.6MPa, 2.5MPa 6MPa, 10MPa,
25MPa, 60Mpa, 100MPa

Zero Offset

Span Output
>=60mV (Typical) >=30mV(35kPa)

Power Supply
1mA DC(Constant) , 5V(Optional)

Zero Temp. Coefficient
10.1%F. S. /0

Span Temp. Coefficient
10.05%F. S. /0(Typical) 10.1%F. S. /0(35Kpa)

2 Times(<=10Mpa) 1.5 Times(>10Mpa)

Operating Temp.

10.25%F. S.