Sell Silicon Stability Agent for Drilling Fluids

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Silicon Stability Agent for Drilling Fluids
This product is the oil field chemical with non-toxic; harmless, transforming from chemical industrial many times material polymerization reaction in stage. Making the mud has the function of hydrophobic capillary, preventing shale inflation effectively, improving friction of the mud pie, falling the interaction of clay particles, and equipping the dilution effect that reflect the having been merit . it is widespread to use in drilling.

A. Production Description
1. Silicon stability agent has strong ability of anti- temperature. The drilling mud still have very good fluidity when the temperature is higher than 1500.
2. Excellent mud viscosity reduction rate, rheological adjustment and the high speed of progress.
3. Fastening wall against collapse well, reducing the abnormal situation occurrence as far as possible.
4.The amount used few, the effect well, the maintaining time long, saving other material, synthetically economic efficiency is better.
B. performance index


Brown to depth brown liquid
PH value

<= 12
Effect contain (CH3SiO3/2) %

Free alkali contain %

The room temperature falls sticks rate
(sample addition 2%) %

900 falls sticks rate (sample addition 3%) %

C. package
Its packing with 200L iron barrel, each barrel250Kg12.5Kg. If has special requests, negotiated separately.
D. deposit
Notice to be against leakage.
E. transport
It is non-flammability, non-explosion, non-toxic and harmless. Transport management according to non-dangerous product.
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