Sell Silicone Oil for Daily Use

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General Descruption:
Take high-viscosity polydiethylsiloxane as major raw materical , and provide proper emulsify to emulsify. It has good compatibility with many raw materials of cosmetic, make hair smooth and beautiful if used in shampoo, make skin delicate and smooth if used in skin protection agent, and provide skin handle. It can be also used for polishing furniture, leather clothing, leather article, and car. The product has good adhesion force, capable to increase glaze of hair and bring hair good combing performance.

Product Feature
1. Transparent Silicone Oil
used to produce2-in-1 shampoo. can provide strong modification property, it can be asl used for polishing furniture, leather clothing, cars. etc
2. Ivory-white Silicone Oil
It can be used for several cosmetiv formul, it is an idea raw material of shampoo, bath lotion and suntan oil.

Product Specification/Models
Models are:

Other Information
Package and Storage:
25kg,180kg,200kg/barrel for option
The shelf life is 6months for room temperature.

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