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sponge is a rubber sponge made of silicone rubber instead of conventional materials. Silicone sponge is best suited (and an ideal material) for:

Extruded sponge profiles for food contact and industrial applications
Seals and gaskets
Molded sponge parts for automotive and industrial applications
Sponge sheets
Profiles for construction and insulating applications

This latest generation of Silicone sponge uses water as a non-toxic blowing agent, which succeeds in creating a high quality silicone sponge suitable for food contact and industrial applications.

Typical formulations produce rubber sponge with an average of 70% closed cell and 30% open cell; process conditions can be changed to modify the balance of open cell and closed cell sponge.

The combination of platinum catalyst and the use of water as a blowing agent eliminates the need to have a special venting system for toxic blowing agents (as seen on traditional sponge processes) because there are no toxic blowing agents to vent. Additionally, it eliminates the need to control any toxic component emissions present in the manufacturing environment when toxic blowing agents are used  there aren't any.

This system is designed to provide optimum properties in different processes such as molding, extrusion and calendering. It can be vulcanized with hot air, salt bath, or infrared heating.

The Silicone sponge is supplied in 2 component parts, Silicone Sponge Systems, which allows you to customize according to your own requirements for density, compression deflection, compression set, color, open and closed cell balance and other standards. silicone sponge is also supplied in full compounds which can be specifically designed to meet your most demanding application requirements.