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The film formation of Silk amino acid is lower than that of silk peptide, but its permeability is higher than that of Silk peptide. The single serine, which is rich in Silk amino acid, is the main amino acid in NMF, and is the 前 趋 物 of Ceramide. The construction of serine is similar to that of AHA, is the natural product of BHA and has no any stimulation. The single threonine, leucine, tryptophan, cystine in Silk amino acid have the function of skin-aging prevention, hair-growing and hair-protecting.
(1) Silk amino acid can easily permeate though the dermic layer of skin, be absorbed quickly, join the activity with enzyme in the body, and to reach the efficacy of skin-protection and skin-maintenance.
(2) Silk amino acid can nourish the mechanically and chemically damaged hair, permeating the inside of damaged hair scale, functions to repair and protect.
(3) Silk amino acid has rather good compatibility with anion, cation, amphoteric surfactants and multi-kinds of oily materials.
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