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Silk Amino Acids is made from pure silk elements including 18 kinds of amino acids among with L-alanine, L-senine and glycine are over 80%. The Silk Amino Acids as the additive of foodstuff and cosmetic is decomposed from the dissociative amino acids, with about 90 molecule weight and easily to be absorbed.

Silk Amino Acids is easy to penetrate into deep of skin quickly absorbed, taking part in the enzymes activity in body, acting the function of protecting and nourishing ones skin. It can also repair and nurse the hair injured besides chemic through penetrating the interior of scathing hair squama.

Silk Amino Acids can improve one's liver function and to lessen the possibility of drunkenness, reducing cholesterin in blood and preventing hypertension and glycosuria disease, preventing aging.

Silk Amino Acids used as the additive of foodstuff it has certain function of health care widely used in biscuit, candy, bean produce, noodle, ice cream, beverage etc.

With the above advantages, the Silk Amino Acids enjoys a bright and wide future in cosmetic, medicine healthcare and foodstuff.

Main index on physics, chem. and sanitation of Silk Amino Acids:
Item Index
Characteristic Powder in light white or light yellow
Water soluble liable to deliquesce
Loss on Drying (%) <=2
Ash content <=2
PH Value (1% Aqueous Solution) 5-7
Sericin Protein >=14.5
Heavy Metals (as pb) , mg/kg <=10
Arsenicum (as As) , mg/kg <=2
Number of Aerobic Bacterial <=100
Other Pathogenis Bacteria Cant be detected
Package: packing by complex bag
Storage: kept at cool an dry place, valid for 18 months
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
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