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Our exquisite Silk Brocade Collection is combined with our signature ultra-plush velboa fabric. Perfect for the tender skin of a baby, trendy for the contemporary mother. Here are other design bonuses Fancy Babies Blankets offers:

The Silk Brocade designs are embroidered in silk thread, not printed on top of the fabric like other companies use. This is the superior quality we stand behind. We also offer:

Rounded Corners-Our corners wont poke your baby in the eye.

Flat Fabric Tags  Our tags dont freely flap to annoy your baby. They lay flat and will not catch little fingers.

Generous in Size  Finally. . baby blankets that can be used for a growing child! Our Silks are 36 x29 Use our baby blankets for a napping school-age child.

Practical  Fold and pack our baby blankets right into your diaper bag. No need to switch blankets. Let your child take his crib blanket with him/her. Fancy Babies blankets go from crib to play-date!

Price  Luxury with an affordable price tag. We have set our price LOWER than our competitors but are offering you many more features and benefits other stores just cant offer you. Fancy Babies stands proudly behind our quality products you purchase from us.

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