Sell Silk Blanket (green)

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Silk products could slowly and evenly release negative ion in daily use, which has the functions of removing dust and cleaning air, and has certain assistant effects in respiratory disease, neurasthenic and insomnia.
This product takes the high quality double cocoon as the raw material. With the disposal of traditional silk noil yarn technique and modern unglued technique, the product is refined with scientific odor eliminating prescription. The product unites light, keeping warm and ventilation together perfectly, which changes traditional blanket's defects of taking thick to keep warm, or keeping warm without ventilation.
The product is characterized by refined silk texture, softness and gentleness, good ventilation and heat preservation, sweat absorbing and moisture eliminating, anti-mildew and health protection, antistatic, no peculiar smell. It could promote the metabolism, heighten the cell vitality and delay senility.
Specification: 150cm*210cm; It could be made according to the customer's requirement.
Packing: The product adopts many fashionable packing styles for domestic sale; the packing for export trade could be according to the customers's requirement; the unconventional packing is according to the order.
Optimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces