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Silk Fabric You May Also Be Interested In: cold laminating film dye inks inkjet papers novajet printer silk fabric
Type(Width/Length) :0.61m,0.914m,1.27m,1.52m/ 30m
Thickness: 12s
Weight: 80g/m2
Trait: Glossy, High definition, printed indoors, used in photography, Ad indoors, scenery, etc.
Support inks: pigment inks, dye inks

I nkjet media aims at wide-format indoor inkjet printers (0.9-1.52m) , including media, ink and relative fittings.

Media is formed by coating:
Coated Paper: photographic paper, self-adhesive photographic paper.
PP paper: synthesized paper, self-adhesive synthesized paper (called adhesive polypropylene film as well) etc.
PET paper: back inkjet pet.
Fabric paper: coated fiber, coated canvas, coated silk and etc.
In addition, there are cold laminating film for protection purpose and gold/sliver leaf, tarpaulin for top grade and special purpose.

Ink here refers to dye and pigment ones which are specially used for inkjet printer. Rich and colorful graphics are available after ink is sprayed onto media. Different inks are adopted according to different printers: substituted ink for NOVAJET printer, Piezo Electric printer and HP printer etc.

Fittings are the substitutes for spoilage parts which requires instant replacing:
Thermal bubble printhead: It is compatible for thermal bubble printer such as NOVAJET, HP and so on. Instant replacing is required.
Piezo printhead: It is compatible for piezo electric printer. Long lifetime relieves its instant replacing.

We offer a truly comprehensive range of cost effective inkjet papers and inkjet media. We bring you a versatile range specifically designed to exploit the full photo potential of your inkjet printer. All inkjet papers and specialist inkjet media are of the highest quality and are available in both small and large format. All products are suitable for all 2880dpi printing. The entire inkjet paper and media range is suitable for use with all makes of inkjet printers.
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