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Our silk fabrics includes:
1. silk fabrics natural white
2. silk dyed fabrics
3. silk printed fabrics
4. silk burn out fabrics
5. velvet and velvet burn-out.
such as
habotai, satin, crepe satin plain, crepe de chine, georgette, georgette velvet,
Jacquard Kimono silk, Obiji silk, Gauze Leno silk, Silk Noil fabric, . . .
Dupioni Silk, Taffeta Silk, Jacquard Silk, Embroidery Silk Fabrics;
8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm,
10101 Georgette 38-40g/ M 114cm
10103 Georgette 58-60g/ M 114cm
10152 Chiffon 23-25g/M 114cm
10219 Chiffon 38-40g/M 114cm
11116 Paj 22-24g/M 114cm
11160 Habotai 58-60g/M 114cm
11206 Habotai 38-40g/M 114cm
11216 Habotai 48-50g/M 114cm
12101 Crepe (CDC) 58-60g/M 114cm
12103 Crepe(CDC) 77-80g/M 114cm
13255 Duppion 58-60g/M 114cm
14656 Satin 58-60g/M 114cm
14654 Satin 78-80g/M 114cm

white steam filature & raw silk.
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