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Contact Rivets:
Application: Relays, contactors, switches, controllers
Material: AgNi / Cu, AG / Cu, AgCuNi / Cu, AgSnO2 / Cu, etc
Types: Solid rivets, bimetal rivets, trimetal rivets

Contact Rivet dimension: (mm)
Head Diameter: 2.0-9.0
Shank Diameter: 1.2-4.0
Shank Length: 0.6_5.0
Working layer: AG, AgNi, AgCdO, AgSnO2, AgCuO, AgZnO, etc.
Base metal: Cu or Silver Alloy

AG solid rivet& FAG solid rivet:
Pure AG has high electrical and thermal conductivity, low and stable contact resistance, and good workability. Because silver resistance to arc erosion and contact welding are limited, mechanical strength is low. Due to the small quantity of nickel in the fine grain silver, resistance to arc erosion and mechanical strength are higher than that of silver.
These contacts wildly used in low current devices, such as relays, timers, auxiliary switches for household appliances (FAG) , control switches (FAG) .

AgNi solid and AgNi/Cu bimetal rivet:
AgNi materials have higher resistance to arc erosion and contact welding than AG and FAG, AgNi materials show good workability and are easy to weld to contact supports, low tendency towards material transfer in DC applications. AgNi materials are environment-protective materials.
This contacts wildly used in low voltage switching devices, such as powder relays, small contactors, light switches, temperature controllers, protective switches, etc.

AgCdO solid and AgCdO/Cu bimetal rivet:
CdO material gives the contact special properties, when the temperature is above 900 centigrade degree, CdO sublimes make contact surface cool and arc extinguished automatically. This material combines a satisfactory resistance to arc erosion and welding.
It is used in almost every type of low voltage switching devices, such as micro switches, relays, light switches, contactors, switches for household appliances, some types of protective switches, as well as in certain type of circuit breakers.

AgSnO2 solid rivet and AgSnO2 /Cu bimetal rivet:
AgSnO2 and AgSnO2InO3 show high arc erosion resistance and a good resistance against contact welding. It is environment-protective materials, and it is considered to be the ideal substitute of AgCdO. These contacts are wildly used in various kinds of contactors, relays, circuit breaks and switches, etc.
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