Sell Silver based brazing filler metal

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1. ) Supplied items are TS-25CT, TS-35T, TS-45Z, TS-60Z, TS-72Z, the corresponding AWS BAg-* series, a commonly used BAg-1, BAg-5, BAg-8a, European brands is L-Ag ** series, a commonly used L-Ag45, L-Ag30, L-Ag72, GB GB is BAg ** CuZn series, a commonly used BAg45CuZnCd, BAg45CuZn, BAg72Cu, BAg25CuZn, etc. .
2. ) Application in copper and copper alloy, stainless steel brazing. Widely used in HVAC, plumbing bathroom, glasses, electrical, tools, jewelry, metal and other industries. Forming in rod, spool, coil, Flat, Oval strip and wire.
3. ) All products are in line with the EU ROHS directive.
4. ) Specification: 1.0-4.0mm*500/1000mm? (Rod)
5. ) Packing: Pack 1kg per plastic bag, 20kg per box or according to the customer's requests.

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