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Silybin(Silibinin, Silybine)

CAS NO. :22888-70-6

Appearance: similar to white powder, odorless, bitter in taste.
Silybin is the main effective ingredient of Silymarin, it is extracted from the seeds of composite plant Silybum Marianum, including Silybin and Isosilybin. It can dissolve in Methanol, Ethanol and acetone, does not dissolve in water. It has the efficacy of liver protecting, improve the function of liver, promote biliation and diminish liver inflammation. Silybin has a good curative effect to acute/chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis and liver damage of intoxication. And it is the main raw material of medicinal derivative of Silybin.

Specification: 95%,96%,97%,98%,99%

Package: 1kg plastic bag or 25kgs net cardboard drum

Expiration Date: 3 years