Sell Silymarin & Milk Thistle Extract

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Silymarin is made of the seeds of the Composite plant silybum marianum with extra care through scientific methods and of falconoid. The main ingredients are: Silybin, Silydianin, Silychristin, etc. The products have the effects of liver protecting and decreasing serum triglyceride. It is used to treat chronic hepatitis, chronic interstitial, hepatitis lipoidemia.

We can supply you as follows:
1. Silymarin 80%(UV)
A. Extracted by Acetone
B. Extracted by Ethyl Acetate
C. Extracted by Ethanol
2. Silymarin 80% by HPLC
3. Water soluble silymarin 20-45%
4. Silybin 95-99%
5. Water soluble silybin 95% min