Sell Single Fiber/Dual Fiber Capillary Pigtail (PIGT)

Single Fiber/Dual Fiber Capillary Pigtail (PIGT) You May Also Be Interested In: dual fiber pigtail fiber collimator fiber pigtail pigtail single fiber
LightComm's pigtail is based on refined milling technology, used for fiber collimator and other components.
Features: * Refined surface finish
* High return loss

Applications: * Collimator
* Fiber components


*All the specificatios could be designed according to customer request.
Ordering Information:
->Diameter: 0=#1.0mm, 1=#1.8mm

->Operating Wavelength: 1310, 1550, X=others

->Type: 0=SM, 1=flexcore, 2=50/126, 3=62.5/125, 4=others

->Configuration: S=Single fiber, D=Dual fibers