Sell Single Head Quilting Machine

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Baolu Single Head Quilting Machine
l Use in Quilting, bedspread
l Use in the Thick quilt, sponge, leather etc with any design at high speed and trouble free.

Main Features and Characters:
lThe most space saving single head quilting machine.
l Durable machinery, stands wearing long time.
l Needle speed: 1000-2000 RPM; Stitch length:3-6mm
l LCD display, limit protection, Electronic Sensor manual adjustment
l All designs and program can be stored in the 3.5inch disk. Language in both English and Chinese , also customizable according to customer requirement for other language interface . Set parameters and working status, quilting designs in graphic manner. Operator can easily set the all the working parameters according to the computer prompt: for example; stitch length, speed and so on.
l Under thread Sensor: When thread breaks the machine head can automatically move to the machine edge, after the threading, the machine head can return to the thread breakage point and make the mending then continue quilting.
l Automatically quilt lock stitches on the start and end of the quilting. In the end of the quilting the machine head can automatically return to the start place, the machine head and frame can move by high or low speed respectively.
l Working information LCD/ CRT displa: Display the main shaft speed, stop reasons, output Stat. and so on.
lSecurity safeguard: The machine will automatically stop when computer, motor or other parts are abnormal, and the LCD/CRT will show the failure details.
lPower failure memory. The computer will save the preset design and parameters after machine power break off during working.
lReinforce quilting function. Presetting the reinforce quilting function, the machine will automatically quilt lock stitch on predefined stitch point. .

Needle speed: 1000-2000 RPM;
Stitch length:3-6mm
Max. Quilting size: 90"*110" (2286mmX2794mm)
Max. Quilting thickness: 1300gsm
Adjustable Size: (1600-2286) *(1800-2794) mm
Machine Weight: 1300KG
Machine installation size: (L*W*H) (3800*3100*1700mm)
Circumstance: 4~32C<=/80%
Power: <=2KW
Power Supply: 300V/220V,50Hz
Needle Type: MR~5.0
Limit Protection: Electronic Sensor manual adjustment;

Item BLQ-90B BLQ-110B BLQ-125B
Max Quilt size 90x 110inch
(2286x2794) mm 110x 110inch
(2794x2794) mm 125x 125inch
(3186x3186) mm
Max Quilt Thickness 1300g/m2 500g/m2 500g/m2
Adjustable size (1600-2286) x
(1800-2794) mm (2400-2794) x
(2400-2794) mm (2550-3186) x
(2550-3186) mm
Weight 1300kg 1500kg 1800kg
Installation Size (L)3800
(H)1700mm (L)3800
(H)1700mm (L)4200
Delivery 15 days 15 days 15 days
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
100 Units Per Month
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L/C at sight or T/T
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