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size of sequin :3.00mm-7.00mm
standard size:5.00mm
power supply:220v
sewing speed:1200rmb/min
1. Automatic the nailhead attaching process by adopting automatic leading system of nailhead with 'chute'(=slope rail)
2. Designed with easy operating system for beginners.
3. Can fix nailheads in the diameter range of 2MM-8MM(2mm,2.4mm,3mm,4mm,5.5mm,6.3mm&8mm) with simple & easy changing of "chute" part.
4. A chute for imitation jewel is also available on this machine with edditional option.
5. Has dual functions of "automatic" for process as well as of "manual" for accurate process.
6. Equipped with "laser pinter"indicaling exact setting point.
7. Has a tool box at which users can keep tools , accessories & manual.
8. Adjustable motor speed for working speed.
9. Adjustable laser brightness.
10. Adjustable antomatic time interval.
11. Equipped with "vacuum device" for manual fixing processing of imitation jewel stone fixing .
12. Can fix various shapes of nailhead like round , flat pontagon, hexagon, etc.
Available nailhead size:
Head diameter:2mm,2.4mm,3mm,4mm,5.5mm,6.3mm,8mm.
(other size are also available with options.
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