Sell Single Phase Electronic Energy Meter (Protection Type)

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Major Technical Data:
Type: DDS318
Accuracy class: 1.0, 2.0
Power consumption: <6VA
Rated voltage: 220V, 230V, 240V
Rated current: 2.5(10) A, 5(30) A, 10(50) A, 10(100) A

Measure the energy of 50Hz/60Hz single-phase AC power by advanced
PCB and SMT technology

Main Functions:
1) The terminal cover is transparent, sealable and extended to prevent
unauthorized tampering
2) High accuracy, reliability and overloads capability
3) Low power consumption
4) Tamper-proof, light weight, small size and easy to install

Salient Features:
1) High overload capacity: 6 times of overload
2) High reliability: long operating life
3) Adopting SMT and re-flow soldering technology and has strong capability for
disturbance. The technical property compatible with IEC standards
4) Impulse output interface for direct calibration of the meter's accuracy or
measurement of impulse input in case of mass-metering
5) LCD indicator showing power
6) Electric power line carrier system and telephone remote-metering system
can be supplied for user's option
7) Can be changed into single-phase PLC electronic energy meter