Sell Single-Phase Ic Card Meter Cabinet (Ten Units) -XXC2-10Y4

Single-Phase Ic Card Meter Cabinet (Ten Units) -XXC2-10Y4 You May Also Be Interested In: card meters cold rolled sheet ic card ic card meter
Connect mode: 3phase 4wire
Size: 100*1100*740mm
Cabinet Material: Cold rolled sheet (1.2mm)
Main Parts: Single-phase IC card meter, breaker device, Terminal box, Copper core wire, Copper nose etc.
Installation Mode: Suspending type
Weight: 70kg

Detail information:
Main Usages:
Mainly used for residential areas, organizations, schools, factories and mines etc. For the highly-centralized energy consumption, and newly-built or reconstructed single-phase users.

Main Functions:
1, Automatic protect when switch off, over current and overload.
2, Advance purchase power quantity, preset maximum load limitations.
3, Special design in the cabinet for pilferage-preventing.
4, Optimal design in unit carbonized installation structure.
5, Alarm and switch off when over-load, remaining power, remind users to purchase in time.
6, Adopt pickproof lock to prevent pilferage effectively.

Main Characteristics:
1, With the good quality of the cabinet, delicate appearance which are convenient for installation.
2, Use a cabinet together with the meters of different types, specifications.
3, Many user's meters installed in a cabinet, thus reduce work capacity and cost.
4, The cabinet welded with 1.2mm cold rolled sheet, spraying plastic used in appearance, with strongly corrosion.
5, IC card meters inside the cabinet, permanent information keeping non-violate memory and can prevent the data inside meter from losing when the internal support battery lost voltage.
Supply Capacity
1,000,000pcs per year
IEC60687, IEC61036, IEC62055, GB/T17215,GB/T18460 and GB/T17882.
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Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs
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see above specification
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